Jun 13, 2011

bonFire's "Weather"

Yes, Finnish summer is unpredictable. Yesterday it was a sunny day with almost +30 degrees, now a heavy rain and +13. One more option for a typical Finnish summer day is broken skies with a strong cold wind :) .

Jun 7, 2011

Challenge #8 - "Weather"

One day it's rainy and cold, the next day it's sunny and warm, like today: 28°C. Refreshing rain is just a distant memory. But that's the charm of Finnish summer. You never know what you'll get!

Jan 27, 2011

bonFire's "Break"

Still wintery. But I can feel that the sun is braking the darkness. Yippee. Yay. JEE!

Jan 16, 2011

Challenge #7 - "Break"

I've become a knit addict. It's pretty serious now. If I can spare a minute or two - or an hour or two - I'll knit.

I thought it was what I do when I have a break from something, but I guess it's come to the point where I should consider having a break from knitting..

Jan 9, 2011

Open challenge: Winter Fairytales by Frost

It took a while to reply to this challenge.. But what would be more appropriate than to wait for a good snowfall to capture the spirit of winter fairytales?

It was snowing a bit when I set off. Pure, white snow covered the island. 

And as I was heading home, all you could see was snow. 
This last picture was shot on the frozen sea, towards the city. Normally you'd see the buildings and the city lights.

Dec 19, 2010

Open challenge: Winter Fairytales

This week I travelled to Joensuu (for an exam and) to visit friends. I was amazed by the frozen beauty...!

Today in Helsinki we did get still 20 cm more snow. Can't complain about the winter here neither :) .

Oct 21, 2010

A shooting trip to Hailuoto

bonFire: "We had had an excellent day. The fire had died in the fireplace. We were totally ready for sleeping. I thought just to air the cottage a little and then - bed... but yes, we went out with our cameras once more in the chilly weather."

* * *

Frost: "Starry night, bright moon. Lying on my back on the porch. The only thing that made me go back inside was the cold weather. I guess the brightest spot on the sky could be Jupiter."

Sep 28, 2010

bonFire's "Getting ready for winter"

I started to make jam for the winter already on a very hot day in June. Today I made last pots. Redcurrant, blackcurrant, blueberries, strawberries, rasberries... and now apples.

Sep 21, 2010

Challenge #5 - "Getting ready for winter"

Perfect weather for a cup of coffee and catching up with a good friend, and for doing some handicrafts. This beanie will keep a little boy's head warm when it's too cold for rain.